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PC Heath Check & Service

Much like your car, your PC also benefits from a bi-annual or annual check and service. The service includes a full teardown to component form. Whilst your PC or laptop is separated into components, we fully clean each part.

Dust builds up over time, this is accelerated based on the environment which your machine is in, for example, pet fur, and dust from carpets, sofas, and beds. This dust gets caught in fans and heat sinks, which in turn, drives up the internal temperature of your PC, Laptop or Mac. This results in reduced performance as your machine will reduce its workload to reduce temperatures. We also replace the thermal compound between your CPU & heatsink and GPU and heatsink. This compound degrades over time which again, increases temperatures and reduces performance.

As well as hardware we also diagnose and fix software issues, we guarantee to speed up your machine, including general performance and internet browsing speed.

We perform a general system refresh and clean up using our fully licenced and Award winning pc optimisation software. This allows us to speed up your PC, provide safer and more confidential internet browsing, whilst removing registry errors and damaged settings which cause your machine to crash. Performing these actions helps towards a much faster PC start up time.

Our Health check and service also includes a full system malware scan in which we can detect and remove worms, Trojans, rootkits, rogues, spyware, and more. These kinds of malware are capable of stealing passwords, including online banking details.

After we have performed the full health check and service we provide a summary to you of the work we have done, including the amount of junk removed, errors resolved, and malware removed. We also advise on any upgrades or security software if you do not currently have any.

To book your PC, laptop or Mac in for a health check or service call now on 01634 914074, or send an email to repairs@blackcatpcs.co.uk to request a call back.

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