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Online Backup & Data Recovery

With infections such as the CryptoLocker Virus which infects your machine and encrypts Documents, Spreadsheets and photos it is good to have a backup, which you can fall back on, should the worst happen. The CryptoLocker virus is known as ransom ware. It makes your precious files inaccessible unless you pay a large ransom fee and even then there is obviously no guarantee you will ever be able to access these files again!

At Black Cat PCs we are big believers in backups. We have a countless number of customers that bring their machines to us which have failed hard drives or that have got virus and in tunr have corrupted or damagaed your files. Most of the time, the hard drives within these machines have got the only copy of years of documents and family photos.

Although we do offer a full data recovery service from as little as £75 inc VAT,  there are situations in which we cannot recover your data. This means all those precious photos and videos are lost forever.

To prevent this, we have a full Cloud backup solution for our home users. We also recommend purchasing, a physical external USB hard drive which you can store a 3rd copy of your data on. We can setup your PC to back up to this hard drive whenever you plug it in. We can also configure our online backup software to store a copy of your data locally, as well as a copy in the Cloud.

Our Home PC Backup service starts from just £3 per month (payable by Direct debit) or £30 per year. This license is for one PC with no limit on the amount of data you can store, have more than one computer? No problem, just add a £1 per month or £10 per year for each additional machine.

You can have your online backup account set up, installed and backing up your files within 15 minutes of purchasing it! Sound a little complicated? No problem we can install and set it up remotely with you for just £15! 

To set up your backup account call us on 01634 914074, or send an email to repairs@blackcatpcs.co.uk to request a call back so we can get your data protected right away.

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