Data Backup

Data backup is essential for any business that has made any kind of investment in IT. Research done by the DTI shows that “70% of businesses that suffer a major data loss are out of business within 18 months”! With this in mind, Black Cat has invested heavily to provide a robust and reliable secure offsite backup solution for its clients.

Traditionally businesses have used tape backup solutions to protect their business critical data, but our Online Backup Manager has a number of advantages over the conventional tape solutions.

  • Fully Encrypted and Secure data transfer and storage at two locations
  • Our software allows you to backup file, email and database servers, as well as entire machines, including Windows, Mac, Linux, UNIX and Virtual Machines (VM Ware & hyper-V)
  • It’s fully automated and needs no daily intervention by staff; once it’s set up it runs 24/7/365
  • Data can be restored in a matter of seconds through an easy to use application on your Server/PC
  • It removes the need for expensive tape drives and the on-going cost of new tapes
  • Email notifications of completed backups are sent to you daily.

How it works

Online backup manager enables users to create backups sets that include all of your mission critical data, in one easy to use application. A schedule is then applied and an encryption key of choice is entered. Online Backup Manager then sends your encrypted backup data securely via the internet to our backup servers at two separate locations.


February 2013
1st February 2013 – Repaired an issue with a customer’s computer…

January 2013
2nd January 2013 – Repaired an overheating issue for a…


"As soon as I call or email Black Cat, I know that is the end of any problem. That's why we have used them since we were founded, and will continue to do so. They have also adapted perfectly to our needs as we've grown."

"Black Cat has made a great difference to our organisation - they have freed up time for us to focus on our day job rather than fire-fighting problems. What's better is that I don't even think about IT anymore, it's a tool that we use, rather than a liability."

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